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Holiday madness

jenninexus profile image Jenni ・1 min read

I started making a low poly 3d house a long time ago, like 2 years ago, when I was fully immersed in 3ds Max. I had gotten pretty good w/ Max but eventually wanted to try Blender for a number of reasons. Then this year, I re-made the house using Blender 2.8:-D .. a lot of it was created while streaming live on Twitch having a blast chatting it up with friends during the long drawn out process of re-learning a new 3d software.

Well, I'm excitedly finishing as many details tonight as I can, to release a playable version of my "Mom's House Quest" X-mas mini-game, using the house we made, in Unity 2019.

Best of success to everyone with their projects and goals in the New Year! <3

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