Discussion on: The Top 10 Books on DevOps You Need to Read

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Jeremy Morgan Author

That's an excellent question, and I think the reason for that of course is most people find these books useful. I did go out and see what other lists had and saw a lot of technical stuff. I don't feel tech and tools is what DevOps is all about. No more than the right hammer is the key to building a good house.

I came up with this purely on personal experience. I've been in the DevOps space around 6 years now, and I have read every one of these books with the exception of "The Goal" (not yet finished) and I haven't gone through everything in #8. So I went into my shelf and picked out the ones that were most impactful for me and my career.

I've worked on some pretty high scale transformations and I feel these books helped me learn and be successful. I'm no "DevOps master" but I knew very little about it 6 years ago and the combination of these exact books (and experience of course) have put me where I am now.