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Best iOS App Development on Windows Tutorial

One When learning iOS development the first question is generally "how much money I will make and how soon will I make it? and Do I have to have a Mac computer to create a cool iOS app?".

Two Without any other given thought people generally dive in unprepared and start developing their iPhone app idea.

iOS App Development

The sad truth is that even if your finished iPhone app concept passes the rigorous testing by Apple it is all to common to see app fail to make a sale. The next scenario will generally see you as the app developer trying to give your app away. By the time you get to this stage your iPhone App concept has turned into a fruitless venture leaving you frustrated, and out of pocket.

The iOS App Development Process Within Windows. Phase One Your App Idea

App Development Process

So you have a cool idea for an iPhone app. You think it's a winner and you want to start developing that idea and make it a huge popular success. You can't program and you don't own an expensive Mac. You are on a low budget and can't afford the expensive hardware or software.

But never the less you are determined and you would like to develop your app concept. If that is you then that sounds like you we have something in common. I don't have a Mac and I haven't done any programming in years. But developing your iPhone app isn't all about encoding, frameworks and compiling. The most important fact for iOS Development on Windows is your IDEA.

To start your app development and before you put pen to paper you MUST assess, evaluate and improve on your idea. Not to give to much away but part of The FreeTheApps process teaches you step by step how to check out your competition that is already making a hit to see how your idea can improve on you competitors idea. Thus when it gets into the iPhone app store you have a target audience.

This is all part of the assessment and evaluation of your iPhone application. As an example of an evaluation if a competitors app only reacts to touch commands then build your app to react to voice and touch commands. You see where were going with this. There is allot more involved and you will be shown how best to market your app as it is no longer sufficient just to get your app approved within the iPhone app Store. Once you have completed this phase a couple of times it does become second nature.

If you expect to achieve a realistic income from making iPhone apps and learn the methods to sustain that income then you should use a training tutorial such as this by Offingapp.

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