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Nice, thorough argument Mike. I can see both sides, and it's definitely a mutli-faceted discussion and analysis.

We discuss these kinds of issues on The Changelog pretty frequently. You'd probably enjoy (but probably disagree with) Zed Shaw's take on the subject.


Zed Shaw has flipped his bozo bit with me for life.

An hour and a half of him is a big ask, so I read the PDF transcript of his Twitter comments that got him on the show. Because those comments were primarily motivated by his persecution complex (They blacklisted me just for a different opinion! (No. No, they didn't.)) when they weren't outright and laughably wrong (Patreon is money laundering), I find them irrelevant. He's most directly addressed in my article where I talk about maintenance needs differentiating open source software from literature. It's just not true that companies can continue to use the software indefinitely if that software has no ongoing maintenance, and that maintenance requires external support from at least somebody when that software project gets sufficiently large.

I'll definitely try to check out a different episode of your show, though. Always out to find new fellow podcasters! ^^

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