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Discussion on: Mental health in the Dev community

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Jérôme Lanteri

Hey Jane, very nice Blog there. I'm learning React.js and practice dev as game since 1990. Well, now i'm a bit old but reconvert myself from commercial diver to (i hope so) remote dev (Web fullstack, but also Desktop GUI or Android applications).
I know what you mean about stress, and my way is to listen to classical music or care about cats (that i like cats a lot).
In the same time i do my last diver job, i did start a new Server side rendering own website in React.js Frontend and Express backend.
I had hard time to learn about "correct" authentication with JWS token and httpOnly cookies, then Hooks and more.
I'm now happy to see your web site and also learn from your own experience.
Thank you for that.

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Jane Tracy 👩🏽‍💻 Author

Hey Jerome,
I appreciate that the post will be of help. I really try my best with the little I know as I learn.
It's amazing how you have grown in your journey. Keep going :)