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Quick tip: If you press Cmd+Shift+4 and then press Space you can take a screenshot of a single application :)


What they didn't tell me: Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4 will put the screenshot into the clipboard, which is a lot easier when what you want is to paste directly into Slack.

This is awesome too! Unless you use Safari, because Safari doesn't support this =/

My final recommendation for screenshots is Skitch, which has very nifty tools for annotating. I love the arrows especially.

Skitch is great, I stopped using it when I found out that Preview has a lot of those annotating features. It isn't as feature full as Skitch, but it fits me well.


If on Windows 10 there is the WinKey + Shift + S keycombo to launch selecting an area to screen shot which gets copied to the clipboard.
Or just hit WinKey, type snip, and hit enter, then select the Window selection.
Or use the WinKey + Alt + prntscrn shortcut with the correct window selected and a shot will be saved to your Captures directory

All these crazy key combinations, on Linux all you need to do is press the regular old print screen button, and it lets you do any of those things without having to remember arcane sequences ;)

And if you hit Alt + Print,
you get a screenshot of the current focused window.

Good old print screen still works on Windows. These are for custom crops.


FYI You can get rid of the "Last login" with touch .hushlogin

Also, I really like the "cash cow" prompt :)

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