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Not against the tweet thread, but if you have something longer lasting to say, I don't think twitter is the right medium. Tweets may get a bunch of attention up front, but then lost in the ether after a few weeks, or even days. A book on the other hand, is something that is often toiled over for the sake of polish, due to it's physical permanence. Tweet threads often lack the polish and permanence that they sometimes deserve.

All that said, I think it's sad that blogs are being frowned upon. A blog post can strike a nice balance between the quick read of a tweet thread, and the permanence of a book. They allow the author to write on a focused topic, without having to awkwardly break it up into 240 character segments. Tweets are limited to 240 characters for a reason. Anything longer, can be structured using these things called 'sentences' and 'paragraphs' ;) Also, unlike a book, the blog post can be updated over time. Thoughts can be easily revised, broken links can be updated, and stale content can be deleted.

TL;DR: Tweet threads are fine, but I think it all depends on what you're writing about. I tried it once. It went swimingly!


PS. Don't you think it's sad that in our culture of instant gratification, people don't read books nearly as much? I have a shelf full of novels that I don't have the patience to read, because I have a smart phone that gives me quicker hits of dopamine. I wish I read more!

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