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Say you have a client and you charge him 6000€ for a project, thats 500€ a month. How do you manage to live with 500€ the first month or until you find more clients to earn enough money to sustain yourself?


The aim is to have numerous different clients all at the same time.

As mentioned to someone else here in a comment, I had enough money saved up to live off of for about half a year. I strongly recommend you were to do the same.

I have also found that some people will carry on in a full-time role until they have enough clients that they can comfortably leave.


I would be VERY careful about charging a flat rate for a project. I know many people do this, but I it can be incredibly dangerous. Money is often paid upon "completion" of the project, or at least a majority of the payment. The definition of "complete" can change drastically. Especially if you have clients who are new to web development and do not appreciate the amount of planning required to budget correctly. In short, the client can change the definition of complete, getting more and more hours of work, essentially for free. Charge hourly!


this is a really good point!

I think that the best solution to manage customer requests (and avoid continuous modifications for free) is to prepare good and detailed specifications.
in this case the monthly payments can work fine.
when an extra request comes, you evaluate it hourly and charge the customer outside the original contract.

do you think it could work fine?

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