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DevOps with Github Actions Hands on Labs

DevOps with Github Actions Hands on Labs Content

  1. DevOps with Github Hands on Lab Repository consists of 10 Github Actions Lab providing hands on experience on JavaScript, Java, Python , PHP , ASP.NET core, Django Framework, ExpressJS
  2. Code based is tested for Appservice, Appservice for containers and AKS environments
  3. Lab content Includes hands on experience to do DataOps using Github Actions
  4. Content is sufficient to conduct 2 Days Deep Dive with your Partners/customers on Github Actions workflow

Submission Category:

DIY Deployment

Yaml File or Link to Code

Additional Resources / Info

Github Actions Workflows for each Labs are placed in respective branches under ./github/workflows folder structure , for ease of navigation branch link is provided below each lab so that it is easy to navigate to code and see Github Actions built for that lab.
Step by step instructions are placed in in readme file at root of reposistory.

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