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Reset values in React Final Form w/ keepDirtyOnReinitialize

How to reset values with keepDirtyOnReinitialize in React Final Form after submitting.

The Issue

If keepDirtyOnReinitialize is applied to your form, then form.reset() no longer able to remove field's value.

The Solution

The Solution is simple— if the form submitted successfully: first change keepDirtyOnReinitialize to false -> perform form reset form.reset() -> and change keepDirtyOnReinitialize back to true.

  render={({ handleSubmit, form }) => (
       onSubmit={(event) => {
       const promise = handleSubmit(event);
       promise && promise.then(() => {
         form.setConfig('keepDirtyOnReinitialize', false);
         form.setConfig('keepDirtyOnReinitialize', true);
      return promise;

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