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JFrog Artifactory vs AWS CodeArtifact: Comparison in 10-ish parts

Ah, the smell of a new AWS product!

You can expect Corey Quinn to be all over it, and he is!

Wait, what? No tags? As in "no metadata"? One of the most (if not the most) important features of an artifact repository? Oh-oh...

Also, the name sounds kinda familiar? Ah, right! So, please welcome AWS CodeArtifact, not to be confused with AWS Artifact!

My dear friend Pavan Belagatti wrote a great high-level comparison between the newly released AWS CodeArtifact and some of the leading Artifact Repository Managers out there:

I'd like to take the points he mentioned as advantages of JFrog Artifactory and with the help of the amazing JFrog developer advocates dive into a little more detail for each and every one of them. Here is the list, I will link each item to the blog post about them as we publish:

Universal solution supporting all major package formats (including Docker, no need to have a separate Docker Registry)

Unlimited flexibility in repository configuration – local story, any remote repository proxying, virtual repositories aggregation

Integrates with all CI/CD tools

Custom API-driven automation

To be posted!

Extensive CLI for uploading and downloading artifacts

To be posted!

Support for hybrid & multi-cloud environments

To be posted!

Replication - ensures locality in any network topology

To be posted!

Immediate (thanks to checksum-based storage) metadata-based promotion between repositories

Enriched implicit, explicit and custom metadata

To be posted!

Security vulnerability and license compliance scanning

To be posted!

Artifactory Query Language

To be posted!

Stay tuned, and come back often to see the items on the list turn blue, linking to the comparison deep-dives.

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