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Discussion on: Dealing with Failure

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Jose Arteaga

I identified so much myself with your anecdote! Last year, I went through a hiring process as well and I nailed the first two interviews, but the last one with coding challenges like Hacker Rank, I failed! My mind was working all night thinking how would it be if I had done that well. I'm sure that those kinds of exercises don't define me. I'm not the best and the most expert but I really like to learn and give my best. Nevertheless, you know what, then I went to another job interview and they asked me some questions similar to the last interview, and I perfectly was able to answer them. Thus, to sum up, what I've learned and my advice of your situations and mine, are the following:

  1. Do not be afraid to go to interviews! Always you are going to win, the worst thing could happen is to stay as you are. Every interview will teach you something, if you didn't do it well in the first one, in the second one you will be better than the first one, and so on!

  2. If you failed in an interview, go to check those topics, study them, prepare yourself and go for it again and again! You will achieve it for sure!

I really thank you for sharing your experience and wish you the best buddy!


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Jared Author

Hi Jose! I really think your first point is important. Interviews really are a learning experience. I've kept notes on the ones I've taken and always do research about the things I didn't know. Thanks for sharing!