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Discussion on: Shorter Commutes 🚗 or Work from Home 🏡

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Jim Burbridge

If I was presented with "20 minute commute or 100% remote" I would go with 100% remote, and make it clear what my working hours are. 0 minutes of having to sit in a mode of transport to my destination is better than a daily total of 40.

Unfortunately where I live there is no such thing as a 20 minute commute to almost any job. If given the choice between two offers that have equal benefits, but one is significantly closer I will almost always go with the one that is closer.

It's obviously not a very cut and dry thing, especially in most cases the compensation will vary and that makes the decision of commute or not commute much more difficult.

And in regards to offices: I dislike them; most use the open office layout and I dislike being able to hear everything going on tables and tables away.