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Discussion on: Switching To linux

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Jonathan H

Go install 100 random apps on your Android phone, launch them and use them for a little bit, then close them and keep a record of how many different notifications you get in a week without having the app fully running. Then go check your process list, and you'll probably see half of them still running MOSTLY idle. But a few fractions of a percent here and there will end up adding up quickly, and suddenly your phone is constantly churning out another 5% to 10% of its CPU all day long. That's not software updates, that's just a bunch of apps thinking that they each are important enough to keep running in the background.

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Mayckoll Abreu

Blaming Linux because of Google's terrible OS is not fair IMO. Android has been a terrible OS since its inception, yeah it might be the most popular mobile OS right now but it started very sluggish and only the most recent versions of Android have been addressing memory usage and process priority. And not I mention that most phone manufacturers assmble their devices with modified Android versions and all of those behave and perform very differently. So I think your opinion is very unfair.

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Jonathan H • Edited on

I'm not blaming Linux. I'm blaming user behavior. I'm saying that -ANY- operating system can be made slow by users who install a lot of junk. And for that matter, just about any major modern operating system can perform well if you don't abuse it and know how to use it well.