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Discussion on: Screw Your Passion

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John Hotterbeekx

This sounds so familiar. Although I've found my passion my work as software engineer, I've had the same feelings about finding other interests and hobbies outside of work. Although I spent a lot of time on software engineering outside of work as well, I always felt the need for another passion.

In practice this meant fully going for something new and interesting, like playing guitar, photography, etc. for a few weeks or months and then losing interest. Now I just try and do the things a like, this can be the same for a longer period of time, or something new, it doesn't matter, as long as I enjoy it.

I love the vision you give that you should just accept it, because it really is okay! Just look at what you want, and if you don't know it, just try something :)

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Patrick God Author

So true. :) It's exactly about that. Just try something and lose the pressure of sticking to one thing and mastering it. I mean, most of us are developers in this community. We already have this thing in our lives we spend a lot of time with and we're making a living with this (at least we try..). So, that's enough pressure already, right? We shouldn't pressure ourselves with other stuff just so we can say we are totally doing what we love and that's we are (or have to be) happy, although this might not be true at all.