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Discussion on: TV while coding? Distraction or Motivation?

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Jason Huebel

I'm the same. TV is a distraction. I'll typically play one of those meditation/relaxation/lofi channels on YouTube. You mentioned a Vitamin String Quartet (haven't heard of that), but my favorite is cello music. I really get into a zone when I listen to cello. I usually listen to David Darling on Google Play Music.

I also have to use headphones. That helps with immersing myself in the music and blocking as much outside sound as possible. I typically use earbuds that seal really well, since the fancier over-the-ear headphones make my head hot and hurt after a while from pushing on my glasses around my ears.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Author

Share some Youtube channels for example if you can. Would love a listen.

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Jason Huebel • Edited on

Honestly, I typically just do a search for "binaural", "meditation", "deep house" or "lofi" and go from there.

For studying or intense concentration, search for "binaural", "meditation" or "lofi". Personally, I find "binaural" to be the most effective. I don't subscribe to all the new age hoodoo that typically surrounds that, but I have to admit that binaural/alpha wave stuff works for me. I also like some lofi hip hop/coffee shop music.

For focus on programming, I tend to move more toward Deep House music since I want my brain to get into a cycle. This will sound odd and I'm not sure of a better way to explain it, but it puts my brain into a positive feedback loop. Since I'm high-functioning autistic (Aspergers), getting my thought patterns stuck in a loop is actually a problem. It prevents me from progressing in a task. Somehow (again, I refer back to the "new age hoodoo" comment) Deep House helps me control that in positive ways. But the key is a steady, heavy beat. The catch here is that a lot of house music has vocals because they're remixes of pop songs. So it can't be full-on lyrics. But if it's a repetitive voice sample, that's fine. Also, I minimize the window (or switch to a different tab) because a lot of house music on YouTube has visuals.