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Subtle Passions, Superb Career

Since a young age technology has always astonished me, I began to surround myself within its environment and it gave me an escape. I became an avid gamer at a young age and always wondered what went behind even the simplest aspects of games and apps and how they were made. I never imagined myself pursuing a career within technology however just like a return value all the items in my array contained technology. I went in to a career that was oriented more towards, hardware, servers and networking. While I was and am happy with such a career, I wanted to pursue the side of technology that gave me freedom and put me in an environment that racked my brain to find solutions like one of those impossible jigsaw puzzles. I viewed software engineering as art, and learning it would make me an artist and allow me to put my signature on the work I did. I sought out many ways to achieve this goal of mine and after much research and months of contemplating I ended up at Flatiron school. I wanted to turn my passion in to a career and I needed to learn the fundamentals which I now have the opportunity taking this course. Becoming a software engineer will give me all the tools I need in order to create and it will allow for me to be expressive and part of at team, This is something I have always sought for and I can never be sad at a job that was always a hobby and passion of mine.

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