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Very simple, start talking to Mozilla developers and try to be helpful by e.g. reporting and fixing bugs, documenting stuff, etc. They are a welcoming crowd. Make some friends. It will help. Maybe start a few OSS projects yourself as well. Learning by doing is going to help you more than reading.

You'll probably want start planning to move to one of the places where they have an office. But as I understand it, they also have a lot of people working remotely and this has been the case for them for a long time. I've met a few people operating out of Berlin, Germany.

But ask them. They'll tell you. If anything, Rust people seem to be natural born coaches. You'll be fighting them off with a stick ;-).


Learning by doing is going to help you more than reading.

I've found this to be true for me as well. excercism.io seems to be really good at that where it just gives a problem to solve and you have to figure it out, which has been really nice.

I think I'll definitely be heading over to their projects to help contribute! I've gotten a lot of feedback telling me to go do that, and I think that the part you added about trying to make friends with people there would be really helpful. Thanks!

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