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Discussion on: How To Enable Real-Time Merge Conflict Detection in VS Code

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Jing Xue • Edited

I don't know... this all sounds a bit overly eager and can become counter-productive. Some of the conflicts might not even end up in either my or my teammate's final commits/merge, or after I resolve the conflicts based on some early warnings, somebody else might push some further changes that conflict with my resolution again or render it moot.

I organize my changes into small, logical, and self-contained commits, and I constantly rebase my feature branch, on top of the base branch, so merges I have to do are typically very easy to resolve. So merge conflicts are almost never nasty for me.

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Thinh Nguyen

You are right, I dont think this extension is useful,

It makes we distracted a lot, when we have to care about the conflicts not just one time but all the time,

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Matthew Warren

I think you need to think bigger. On a project with hundreds of devs and many teams working against the same codebase for multiple releases up to a couple years ahead of time, this kind of 'situational awareness' can be invaluable.

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Andrew Author

Sounds like you have a very organized workflow! You might still find this feature useful though as the indicators can provide value beyond merge conflict detection, for example in an open source project they are a great way to discover what others are working on and if there are any possible synergies with the changes you are making. And for the times they prove to be more of a distraction you can always hide them.