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How To Become a Blockchain Developer? Step-by-step Plan

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Do you want to become a Blockchain developer? The Blockchain industry is growing rapidly and salary are very attractive, but how can you make it into the industry and become a Blockchain programmer?

In this video I will give you a step-by-step plan (10 steps). This will cover among other things Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, Dapps, smart contracts. If you are a beginner in Blockchain, follow this guide and in 6 month you will find a job as Blockchain developer.

Overview (0:53)
Step 1 (1:48): Define your goals
Step 2 (7:03): Pick a Blockchain
Step 3 (10:30): Learn about existing Ethereum Dapps
Step 4 (14: 17): Learn Ethereum
Step 5 (17:34): Learn Development Tools & Libraries
Step 6 (21:45): Learn Smart Contract & Solidity
Step 7 (25:41): Build your own Dapp
Step 8 (30:15): Prepare for Blockchain interviews
Step 9 (31:48): Apply to Blockchain jobs
Step 10 (33:19): Get help from the community

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