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Discussion on: To React or Not?

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Josh LeBlanc • Edited

React is made by developers who happen to work at facebook. The same can be said for every piece of software that comes out of a big company.

The company had a problem to solve, they solved it, and management gave the developers the go-ahead to make it open source.

I have absolutely zero problem seperating these from the company they originated from.

Regarding which one to actually pick, I think it's largely inconsequential. Just pick something and be consistent. That's really the hardest part :D

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James Author

Fair point, and thanks for posting, I'm less worried about the actual choice of framework than I am about the way we choose.

Agree that consistency is key though - once you pick you have to stay the course or pay the rewrite cost!

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Thiago de Bastos

Good point! Where does one stop? What about a single individual who is otherwise great but has one view you are disgusted by? I wonder if this is even a question that can be answered!

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