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Discussion on: What is a "10x" Programmer?

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John Lehew

I have turned many developers into 10x developers by reducing rework and debug time, basically developers find issues without a debugger and they only code once or twice. There are three tasks where developers spend the most time... debugging intermittent production issues, responding to changing requirements, and recoding because of changing data structures many times due to changing requirements. Extensive logging and reporting with try catch blocks solves first one. Anticipating requirements fixes second. And designing data structures that answer questions that need answered and properly represent all one to many relationships is important. Surprisingly naming conventions that accurately describe function is also critical. Automation especially test automation can also significantly reduce issues by finding them immediately. Basically reduce where developers spend time and everyone will be a ten x developer.

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Eon • Edited on

@John Lehew. Spot on. Companies have to invest and nurture developers to become 10x. IMO 10x devs do exist. It would be cool to make an Awesome list on github For who that might be. Id say. and Would make the top of the list.