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Discussion on: Sexism, Racism, Toxic Positivity, and TailwindCSS

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Jason Lengstorf

a quick fact check:

  1. Sara did not write the article. It was written by someone else.
  2. Sara shared the post.
  3. The author of Tailwind did not go after the author of the article.
  4. The author of Tailwind did lay a guilt trip on Sara for sharing it.
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Happy Guy • Edited on

The fact remains that nobody brought up neither her gender nor ethnicity until Woke Warrior here did. Maybe he didn't care about that Boko bloke, but felt a connection with Sara and was disappointed, or maybe she's famous or the other bloke isn't. Are we going to start a lynch mob because of "laying a guilt trip"? What is this, a soap opera? If this was a court case it'd be thrown out for lack of evidence. Utterly risible accusations

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Edgaras Benediktavicius • Edited on

Quick fact check - "the author of Tailwind" also has a name. It's not necessary to create a contrast here to make your point.

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