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I was inspired to create an application that would allow a user to keep track of their vinyl record collection. The user is able to add a new vinyl to their collection by providing an artist name, album name, year, and genre. The user can browse the collection by genre. A user can also delete a vinyl record from their collection. The application also has a list of resources about vinyl records.

Here are a few notes that I took while bringing this project to life.

  1. Back-End

I created a new rails application with an API using the following command:

rails new PROJECT_backend --api
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I created a github repository for only the backend and added models, seed data, ran migrations, created the controllers, uncommented CORS, and lastly added the fast jsonapi gem.

  1. Front-End

I double checked my routes and moved on to the frontend of the application by creating a new React application using the following command:

npx create-react-app PROJECT
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I used the following commands to install react-redux.

npm install react-redux
npm intall redux
npm install redux-thunk
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Installed React Router v5

npm install react-router-dom@5

npm start

starts the development server

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