Discussion on: Are CSS and HTML programming languages?

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James McPherson

I think that in the early days it would have been a stretch to say that either CSS or HTML were significant programming languages. Of course, if I'd looked more deeply and reminded myself of another "mere markup language" (TeX and LaTeX) then OF COURSE they are programming languages. It's snobbery to suggest otherwise (and yes, I was guilty of that).

However, with HTML5 and CSS2+ at least, we've now got to the point where github.com/kkuchta/css-only-chat is a thing.

I'm also going through Flavio Copes' CSS handbook (flaviocopes.com/css/) and if you look at the pseudo-element section, CSS is most definitely a programming language.

I'm quite keen to start putting what I've learned just in the last hour from Flavio's book into action with some projects I have.