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Discussion on: Using the big O notation in the wild

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James McPherson

A minor niggle - I had to re-read your comment about the prework adding an extra loop iteration, because of the way you expressed it.

You had O(n*2), which my brain read as O(n^2), so seeing the comment about dropping constants was jarring. If you'd expressed it as O(2*n) or O(2n) it would have been much more mathematical and the comment would have flowed.

As to whether we need to take account of time complexity in day to day work - that depends on what your problem space is :-)

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Peter Nycander Author

Valid point with the 2*n n*2 thing, I changed it to 2*n. Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, maybe I'll work with something that requires thinking more about time complexity in the future. But I think most people are like me, and work with things that rarely creates the opportunity to utilize any knowledge of time complexity.