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Discussion on: It's time to let go of lodash

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Justin Mitchell Author • Edited

Like I said earlier, !!prop and Boolean(prop) are fundamentally the same - they determine the truthiness of a value by coercion, not if it is in fact a boolean, just that it has a value other than "", null, undefined, false and 0. Given an array and object share the same super type object, truthiness check will always return true.

typeof myvar === boolean isn't required when you can just do prop === true || prop === false and explicitly check the values, rather than the type.

Lodash explicitly checks the truthiness of the var, and some other checking for arrays and objects. My suggestion isn't a hard and fast rule, it's just one of many options and it's a useful shorthand check. Feel free to use !!var, Boolean(var) or copy+paste the lodash code.

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Ok thanks. My original point was not on the best way to do truthiness though but the fact that these two are not interchangeable as you had suggested, so was recommending it be fixed.

_.isBoolean(true); //true
Boolean(true); //true - same as above line
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_.isBoolean(false); //true
Boolean(false); //false. But different result to above line and therefore not equivalent
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