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re: Nice! I'm not going to do the next-level thing but I'm sure someone is … write a script to create the SASS to create the CSS, a script which can be...

Oh gosh 😂 all I can think is the Inception meme “we need to go deeper”. Although that would actually be really cool to be able to recreate any image via box-shadow. Although I wonder if you would hit a limit at how many box-shadow definitions you’re allowed to have before the browser can’t handle it anymore.


I tried to find that out — though these are conventional blurry shadows, not pixel art: (click with shift or ctrl to add larger numbers).

That's amazing. I stopped after 1500ish, so I didn't find the limit, but that's truly incredible just how much the browser can handle. Although I did start to notice a slow down in how quickly it rendered starting around 800ish.

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