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Discussion on: Framework Hell

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Joseph Evans

My only question regarding your ideas is what about enterprise grade applications?

I totally agree that with small-medium size applications & businesses, this is totally applicable. But when you have hundreds or possibly thousands, or even more developers all working within the same ecosystem, surely then you'd have to agree that utilising such frameworks makes sense? Not to mention the extensive documentation stating all associated risks around using a stated ecosystem or set of technologies.

Talking about constantly learning, even with the back end we need to think about the browsers that customers are likely using. An example being how in one of the applications my team has been working on, a HTPP only cookie that was being set server side wouldn't persist on the client device when using IE... All because it had the secure flag.

But talking about frameworks & reinventing the wheel, personally I think that the vast variety of technologies to handle application state is getting a little obscene, I've personally been using my own solution for personal projects which is essentially just a wrapper around using custom events. If you're interested at all, by all means take a look at the repo.

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Brian Barbour Author

Nice, I'll take a look!