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Hi! This is my first comment ever here. I've dealt with this dilemma for a while. I ended up buying an ultra wide because it was cheaper. I had one cheap monitor so with my budget I wanted something premium around 500$ so ended up buying a 1440p 34" Samsung Ultra wide running at 75hz. 2 Monitors with similar setups here in my country costed about 30% more, and since I do some light gaming, I felt this was going to be the best call. And it ended up being true, with Microsoft power toys you can divide your screen as you'd like and quickly switch stuff over. On this monitor I have Vscode, chrome and Slack on screen at the same time in that order. And when gaming it's an entirely different experience.

Some stuff to keep in mind based on my experience.

  1. If you don't game at all, go for multiple monitors, at the end, you'll be more productive (slightly, like 1-2%)
  2. Don't buy ultrawide 1080p - for programming with need high dpi to get the most out of the space we have available. So keep that in mind.
  3. Go curved. Mine is flat and I like it a lot but sometimes I struggle when I need to look at stuff in the borders. Curved will give you a whole different experience, especially on ultra wide.
  4. Be aware that you'll be dependant on some external tools to get the most out of your ultra wide. If you're not ok with it, then go for multiple monitors. Powertoys is a Microsoft tool but it has bugs (once a day I had to restart it because I lose the drag and drop functionality) there are some tools out there available at one time purchase for around 25-30$ that are far more reliable than PT Fancy Zones but I didn't want to spend on those.

I think that's all I can mention, hope it helps.


Thanks for the insight in ultra-wide, as well :)

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