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Joao Felipe Santoro Pinto
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Daily.Dev --> Trello

A while ago i've set my Brave browser initial page to homepage plugin. And since that, i've came across a bunch of cool articles, tutorials and what not on a daily basis, but one thing hindered my initial reading momentum, which were the many meetings, coding ideas, task along the day and simple opening up the article up on a new tab wasn't enough.

So i've decided to enqueue the one's i wanted to read on a more convenient time to a Trello board
using the RSS New Item trigger on IFTTT, and i've configured it to read out of my public bookmarks and then populate my Trello board "To Read" list.

So, let's go over it step-by-step

To make things easier i've set up a applet which you can use directly in IFTTT to do the trick, and just connect your Trello account to it and choose the desired board.

here is the applet: Daily.Dev -> Trello

So, time to configure it!

What will you need ?

  • public bookmark link.
  • Trello Account.
  • Trello board to pick it from.
  • Board list to send it to.

... And BAAAM ! You are all done.

After the first sync happens you will start having your newly added bookmarks in your Trello board, here is a snapshot of my own board :)

Articles to read board

And a detailed card:
Card with details

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