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Discussion on: How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding

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Joe Hobot

The title should be "How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding Without Kids" just to be more realistic :) , now I am not saying that it's not possible, however when you have little ones that part where you say "Get Sleep" and Exercise , yeah that's not going to happen in same day or few times a week unless there is 30 hrs in a day or you work 9-2.

Good post, I think no matter who/what the situation is everyone should take time for their body even if it's 20-30 minutes more a day.

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Damnjan Jovanovic

Ah, yea, having kids is totally different setup. I try to live balanced, having proper sleep, having exercise, pay attention to nutrition intakes, but I must say that, this is much more difficult if you have a small kid.

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Totally agree. I code after my child sleeps after 8pm for 2 hours every other day. I strength train the nx day instead. (current setup)