🎧 Do you listen to music while you code?

Joel Krause on April 27, 2019

And if so, what do you listen to?

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Yes...Emancipator...no lyrics works for me as it offers less distractions


Yes! Emancipator and Tycho are great. Amazing how much better these help me concentrate.


I've never heard of either of these, what type of music are they?

Electronica / Ambient I'd say.. It's very chill.

googles Emancipator

Ahhh yeah I can see why this works! It’s very calming 😌 I’m gonna try this out today at work!

Instrumental music is my favorite for coding, too. Lyrics are too distracting!


I don't think there is a specific genre that fits development. Every one has it's own taste. Personally the more complex the problem I am trying to solve the louder and heavier the music.

Hard problems: Thrash
Easy problems: Rock


Absolutely agree.

We have Spotify playing in the background at our studio but sometimes do like to listen to music of my own.

I actually think I’m a little opposite to you, the more complex the work the more mellow the music is 🤷🏼‍♂️


Loud music is my way to block any nearby stimulus... Our office has an open plan and offers plenty distractions

When I have to be in the office (yeucck!), there's a Sonos that someone else has control over, and their taste in music always seems counter to my own for working. So I bring in noise-canceling headphones, and put on my music, to block that out.

In my office I’m the controller of the Sonos 😅 i try to cater to “general” music but sometimes I let my own personal taste take control


I have a repetitive playlist of songs that I really like, I listen it without the random on, so I know exactly what It is the next one. It lasts almost 40 minutes and after that, I rest, so it is kind of a pomodoro, so it is kind of cool because it allows me to rest.


Nope! I do watch movies and tv shows. I got used to watching tv shows and movies while doing my homework as a kid. Now as an adult, I have netflix/hulu/plex/whatever playing in the background with some low-investment tv show/movie playing. It helps me concentrate.


When I ran my own business this is what I used to do as well! I don’t think my boss would be too pleased if I did this now 😛


I work from home! It was a pain working at an office because I couldn't do it. I had a hard time concentrating as a result :/

I ended up watching Twitch streams of programmers working. It was a compromise but it was fine haha


Lots and lots of EDM :)

I also love listening to Jazz, Spotify has a "Coffee Table Jazz" and a "Late Night Jazz" playlists that are awesome, plus better than the EDM if it happens to be heard by anyone else. I've used them during exercise sessions in classes.

I really can't handle stuff with words while doing anything else, they pull me off of what I'm concentrating on. I'd never be able to work with a TV on, or a screen showing a video, probably too old to handle that. :D


We have an open floor plan at the office, so music is a must to block out the noise. I usually listen to game or anime music with no lyrics (Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, etc.). Really helps me get in the zone without the distraction from lyrics.


lots of edm and jazz, but no vocals.. cant listen to a podcast when coding either


Totally, it's a habit I developed as a child, I need music to think and concentrate, I have no specific genre: classical, rock, pop, kpop, traditional arabic, indian, rap, violin and piano covers, sometimes series or even tech and financial talks


hell yeah ,
i dont know about others but ya i do listen to India singers like kishore kumar , mukesh , rafi etc.


Frog Leap Studios, Ultimate Metal Covers.
Custom hosts file for Spotify ;)


I do, but only when I'm coding through the night.

I listen to a wonderful Spotify playlist called "Design/Build"


Oh cool! I’m gonna check that out :) I like to listen to pretty mellow music while coding so this looks pretty sweet!


Absolutely - movie sound tracks. I've found that listening to anything w/ a beat or lyrics is too distracting. Soundtracks are mostly inspired and inspiring but not to the point of distraction.


In the background, in the style Chill, Bass, Electro and a little pop.

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