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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Thanks, a bit large on word count but I felt the need of adding all those info bunched together haha

As this comment received visibility I must specify that It's good to know the existence of different algorithms and the reason for them to exist, because you will be able to use them to solve real issues. My advice was for memorizing them without context or further acknowledgement about this algorithms.

Most of them are meant to solve specific needs on a given field. I mean if i like to work as developer on a NASA project I must learn and know some basics to benefit the effectiveness of sharing information between departments but at the end, the professionals of a given field will give me the calculus to implement and I'll be a bridge between this scientific and the computer/machines, I don't really need to know or understand all the implicit science about something to implement a given algorithm on a method.

Cheers! :)