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Discussion on: I made a vscode plugin that can write each part of React component in multiple split editors on the same screen

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Joe_Sky Author

It's a cool idea, I think it's feasible~

In fact, my solution is implemented by analyzing AST to find split points, and the original version of Volar is also implemented in this way. They just don't support configurable, but focus more on a specific framework.

My temporary goal is to use this idea to make a version that supports the regular syntax of React function components, it will still be placed in vscode-jsx-sfc. Because I hope jsx-sfc is more than just a special new API, and it can grow into a more generic solution focusing on improving the development experience of React function components. In the future, I will integrate more practical React development experience to design and optimize it.

If the community can create a general solution, such as vscode-split-editors, this is what I would like to see, which shows that this idea has wider existence value. I think we still need to design carefully. For example, we can't have too many split editors, if there are more than 4, each editor area is very small, which will also cause inconvenience. Thanks.