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Discussion on: React... Why so complicated...?

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Joel Ruiz Author • Edited on

You make great points. I should have started with my React examples.

But the examples I have shown are not ideal for actual applications. There is a constant need to cross reference data, and it should be ready to happen at any time.

I feel like many frameworks try to have you hardcode data relationships against each component.

If we lock ourselves in, we just end up having to refactor several parts to add the new feature. For instance, NoSQL is popular for modern applications, but then we turn 180 degrees and lock down data in our applications.

If we can freely access any data at any time, it might increase chaos, but coding time for wild requirements can be handled quickly.

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It's just that, React is a simple UI library. How you get and manage data is really up to you. It can be whatever you want it to be.