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Discussion on: Nevertheless, Florence Coded Because Nothing Can Stop Her!

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If you think women need help to get into tech it means you view them inferior to men.
I'm wondering who doesn't let women get into tech...There are men telling them they can't build websites?

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Florence O. Author • Edited

It means providing community support like I have been getting from the SheCodeAfrica community, it means letting them know they can very much make it as a lady in Tech. We have seen a lot of ladies breaking records since forever so me saying I’ll help women getting into tech doesn’t translate to me saying they’re ‘lesser’ than men!

I followed that statement with - ‘I have been in a situation where I was torn apart by men in the industry’ right ? because I have been in a situation where I needed exposure for a project and this man told me ‘I thought you didn’t want to be my friend so why are you asking me for help’, in another case, a man told me I would never know a certain framework because it’s too ‘hard’ and I cried all the way home from the interview!

Not to make this a ‘victim’ story - I would never think a woman is ‘lesser’ than men, never! I know a lot of women doing amazing in their respective fields! I should have probably worded that better but to answer you, yes - there are men like that!

Ps: I mean, one will still provide help to people regardless of gender, it still doesn’t take away my top priority - helping women getting into tech. Oh and Tech isn’t only about making websites. Thank you 😊