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Discussion on: What I learned in 40 hours switching from Angular to React!

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John Carroll • Edited

Funny. If I had to point to one major failing of Angular, I'd say it's the structural directive syntax, which leads to ngIf and ngFor being much less ergonomic than the vuejs equivalents. The whole concept of a structural directive, with * being syntax suger around <ng-template> is confusing. I find this to be a big deal, because structural directives are very common / a fundamental building block of the framework. In general, I think structural directives incorrectly push too much logic into the view template (logic which would be better handled in javascript).

Conversely, I find dependency injection to be the single best feature of Angular. But this is why multiple frameworks exist: so some people can choose Vuejs or React, and others can choose Angular.

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Hatem Hassan 👨‍💻☕️💻🌺😎 Author

Yes I totally agree. I was writing the part about UI and logic seperation with a grain of salt because we still *ngIf and *ngFor in the template.

But yeah at the end of the day if your project doesn't have any extra special requirments, any framework will do. And it becomes a matter of which framework your engineers are comfortable with.