Making my project Password-less! 🚫🔑

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Welcome Back, 🖐

In this article I'm going to explain why I will not use a standard Sign-in/Sign-up method for app authentication!

Ready? Lets get started 😁

Why we're going Password-less:

  1. 💾 Passwords take away a lot of storage that could be used to store something else.
  2. 🔑 Everyone knows this, people use the same passwords for multiple websites/apps.
  3. 🤔 People forget there passwords from time to time, this means you will need to create a re-set password system.
  4. 🚀 Big technology company's are doing the same, I don't really like looking at what others are doing but if you do a quick Google search on tech companies going Password-less you will find a lot of information.

What do I mean when I say Password-less?

When a new user creates an account they will not be able to create a Password! Simple right?

How do users sign-in?
On the sign-in form the user will enter there Email Address or Phone Number they used to create there account, after they clicked "Sign in" the backend server will send a 6-8 digit code to there Phone number or Email Address depending on witch one they entered. Next a text input will display where the user can enter the code they received.

Creating a Password-less app is way easier to build and manage then one with passwords, at lest in my opinion! ✌️

I would love to hear what you have to say, lets talk in the Comments!!! 😀

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