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Discussion on: What makes a 10x Developer?

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John Halbert

10x developers are a total myth. If you want something done really fast, find someone who's done that thing before and bring them on. If you really look at "10x" developers, this is all that's really going on. Put that same developer on something new and they'll slow down to the same place as someone else with comparable experience. We really need to stop perpetuating this myth.

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Horace Nelson

We're an Agile Scrum dev team. We do 2-week sprints. Our best senior devs will average around 13 story points in a sprint, and their PRs will get at least a few code review comments (often from me). Because of deadlines and devs being out, I needed to code in this past sprint. I did 48 story points in about 3 days, and flawlesslyβ€”not a single PR received a code review comment (and my devs are savage).

My legend is real.

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Laurent Payot
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Madhukumaar T R

One of the best articles I've ever read, thanks for quoting it

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Justyn Clark

Horace === Rick πŸ‘πŸ½

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Davide de Paolis Author

I started the article with that exact statement. :-)
as I wrote further on, I don't know or care if the devs I met and admired were really statistically
10 times faster. they were definitely faster than me and other devs in my team, they were faster doing stuff they new and they were faster learning new things.

because they were focused, they had a positive attitude, they had a learning method. of course while learning they were slower than someone who already had experience on the topic- but that is not the point. knowledge gets outdated pretty fast in our field, being able to quickly switch/unlearn/ learn new thing is as important as being already fast at something.