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Discussion on: Working with React Native feels like Malcolm in the Middle father's changing a lightbulb

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John Halbert

Literally describes my experience with every new stack I've ever picked up. I've just learned to embrace the frustration. ðŸĪŠ

The really weird thing is that after a week or two, you step away feeling hopeless about it, and the second you pick it back up, it's like second nature to you. ðŸ˜Ŋ

Everything makes sense and you're finally productive. So weird how it literally always happens this way.

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Erick Navarro Author • Edited

Nah men, I have work with React, with Vue, does Wordpress count? Rails will work fine as long as you are not in Windows. Even my shallow attempts with Xcode are more stable. Done lot of stuff with Firebase, and believe me, there are a bunch of experimental things there and is still more kind.
By example, how are we going to solve the latest release broke Android? Ok... Im going to PR my way out of this? Surely I would but, damm so when do I finish my project?