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Discussion on: 😴 Laziness isn't real

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João Vitor Silveira

When I first started working with IT last year's september I was really depressed, because I was supposed to take the first work experience with programming not in the "home office", but it was because of the pandemic and I was not prepared.

My mentor wrote a medium article about lazyness saying that people don't take the challenges seriously and that's why in Brazil there's a lot of open programming jobs.

I've fallen into depression thinking that I was wrong in everything, I've had some suicidal thoughts that made me think life was not that much, and after months I went into a doctor that diagnosed me with ADHD, and my life changed.

Right now I am unemployed and scared of putting myself in the same experience, because in Brazil there's a lot of "good" companies that doesnt really care about people.

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Adam Coster Author

Sorry to hear that, and I'm glad you found a diagnosis that helped you understand what was going on. Being afraid of repeat experiences absolutely makes sense. Having more self-awareness does make it easier to develop coping strategies, because even when things around you are frustrating you can understand that it's not your fault. Easier said than done, of course.