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re: Did you feel boring some time developing? What's the cause and how afford it?

Yes. Inevitably. One thing that can lead to that is a project that you don't believe in. If you think it's unlikely to get used or succeed, it's hard to pour the hours in thinking that it's a waste of time. The times when I've been in that situation though, the only thing that would have helped would have been to change to a different job. So that's an extreme reaction unless you're bored for a long time.

The other way I've gotten bored is the most obvious way, repetition. Never changing the variables in the system. If you're fixing the same code, making only minor changes, using the same tools and you're in an environment where even upgrading to new versions of the existing language are resisted (I've been there) then it's inevitable that it gets boring. Come to think of it, that time I did change jobs. So, if it looks like it's going to be a temporary thing to be bored, see if you can't find a fun project at home to help offset it. But if it's just boring because you're stuck at a boring place and its clearly not going to change... You change. Change jobs.

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