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Welcome :)

Quick note: "JavaScript" not "Java-script"

In my opinion you should be building "real" things as soon as possible. Don't spend too much time on just learning theory, syntax etc. However, never stop learning this stuff. I'm still doing courses and reading books regularly 6+ years in. Take the little but you've got. HTML + JavaScript and build something. It could be a basic portfolio site, a fan page for your dog or a list of your favorite coffee shops, whatever. That's what makes code so cool.

The reason I advocate for building "Real things" as soon as possible is that it helps you prioritize what concepts and information you ned to learn. What's relevant to the kind of work you want to do.

As well, when you start looking for work, being able to speak to more "Real" projects is always better conversations than just discussing tutorials you've done.

You could start by adopting a tutorial or trying to clone something simple out there. Maybe a tiny simple JavaScript game in the browser?

Happy coding :)


Thanks for the advice! I'm hoping by the next 2 years or so I can get into the tech industry.


Depending on how much time you can invest you can get there sooner. Known several people who broke into successfully solid jobs in a year of hard work.

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