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John Mitchell
John Mitchell

Posted on is spectacular for code search

❤️ it's spectacular for code searches. Much more specific vs good old Google.

With, the searches fit coding requirements much better. They can be case sensitive, can be complete words (vs substrings), and can match regular expressions. In practice, I always turn on the Case sensitive and Whole words options: search box

example: Kubernetes

The following produces 250,000 Kubernetes YAML manifests.[lang][0]=YAML

example: K8s volumes in Helm charts[lang][0]=YAML&filter[path][0]=charts/

example: AWS QueuePolicy, written in CloudFormation[lang][0]=YAML

example: functions in Makefiles(!)[lang][0]=Makefile

example: Pygame module usage in Python[lang][0]=Python

example: Gnuplot documentation[lang][0]=Markdown

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