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10 Must-have Features in Flower Delivery App

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The bouquet and flower delivery business is already a billion-dollar business. We witness many new start-ups have entered this industry in the past couple of years alone. Technological advancements, industry trends, and customers need has favored this flower delivery business.

Online Flower Shops in the US Market Size has calculated 5.1 billion dollars in 2021. And it is expected to rise drastically in coming years.

If you are interested in starting an online flower delivery business, developing a strong App will make things easier.
This article reveals the 10 features that should be included in every successful bouquet and flower delivery App.

10 Must-have Features in Flower Delivery App:

  1. Easy setup panel - Follow an easy sign-up and login process. This allows your customers to access your App quickly and without many formalities that people may find annoying.
  2. Real-time delivery tracking - Integrate with google maps to facilitate live order tracking. This will help your customers to know the delivery status every minute.
  3. Cost calculator and order status - This feature is now being used by every on-demand business Apps. It facilitates customers to compare prices of different flowers as well as to know the exact price without making the payment.
  4. Real-time pop-up notification - You can attract new customers into your App by offering appealing discounts and offers. Besides, existing customers can also enjoy those perks via a personalized notification.
  5. Payment gateway - Providing a hassle-free and safe payment gateway helps in secure transactions. This is an important feature as money is involved.
  6. Filters to search flowers - This allows customers to order their favorite flowers without wasting time searching all types of flowers you offer. If a person needs daffodil or marigold flowers, they can straightaway order them by using the filter tool.
  7. Staff and customer management - As an owner, this feature will be useful for you. You can easily access all the vital details of the business like staff attendance, wages, personal details, expense, and, customer details, etc.
  8. Product management - This allows you to manage all the products effectively. Hence, adding new products, checking availability, etc can be done without any confusion.
  9. Sales reports and analytics - Data related to sales, revenue generated, and expenses incurred are included in this feature.
  10. Support – Text & Call - Taking instant action to any issue and solving it immediately will help in building trust with customers. This can be achieved by offering text or call support.

Final thoughts

Now that you are aware of some must-have features that make an awesome flower delivery App, I suggest checking this, step-by-step guide for successful flower delivery App development. This will help you to get a clear picture of how to develop the App and start your business on the go.

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