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Hotel Booking App:- The 10 Vital Features

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Nowadays, people are willing to spend a lot on traveling. They like to wander the streets of different nations and learn about new cultures. Therefore, they spend a definite amount of money on their stay. However, finding a hotel to stay in a new city is a complicated process.

Hotel Booking App Features

On the other side, there are many hotels available to stay in cities. Therefore, the chance of attracting customers is very low. Developing an app for booking a hotel room will facilitate both the management as well as the customers.

Top 10 Features of a Hotel Booking App:

Here are the top ten features to integrate into a hotel-booking app.

Easy Booking Process:

People will prefer not to spend a lot of time with their mobile when they are out on travel. So booking the hotel should not take much of their time.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app will be the index for your hotel. So the app has to be user friendly. Add a few of these features for making the app user-friendly.

  • Provide login and profile features.
  • Provide a floating search bar.
  • Ease in adding members or rooms.
  • Display all amenities of each room.
  • List nearby places using a map.

Offline Viewing:

Though the internet is widely spread, people will feel irritated to switch it on whenever using the app. Provide offline features for selected functions like viewing rooms and catalogs. It will help the customer to view them without any hassles.

Integrated Payment Gateway:

Customers carry less cash when traveling. They prefer to use other payment methods like cards and online money wallets. By integrating payment gateways, booking rooms will be more comfortable.

Virtual Tour:

Limited pictures will irritate customers. Share a virtual tour by including a 360 view of every room so that people will have a clear view of the room. This can convert visitors into customers.

Google Map Integration:

Google maps are available on nearly all mobiles. Integrating the app with Google Maps will facilitate the customer to reach the hotel easily. Moreover, listing the nearby places will be a delight for the customers.

Multi-language and Multi-currency Support:

Most of the travelers prefer to visit faraway places like new cities, states, countries, etc. So providing multiple languages will help them to use the app for booking rooms. Also, these visitors may not have local currency. They may possess international cards. So, the app has to be integrated with a payment gateway that supports international cards

Multi-Booking System:

Customers may prefer to use a single app for booking many rooms. This feature must be included as it will make the app stand tall from its competitor. Moreover, by providing discounts for bulk booking, customers will bring more people.

Social Media Links:

Social media can also be used as a free platform for marketing. People usually opt to stay in a familiar place. You can use social media to gain this familiarity. Moreover, by providing a social media referral bonus, the hotel can receive many customers.

Online Chat:

Chatting via the app will help in improving a rapport with the customer. Travelers from different places will have to pay a massive tariff for phone calls. This feature will save customers money. Provided chatting can also be automated using the software.

Wrapping Up:

Hotel booking apps will be a vital tool that will determine the success of the hotel business. With a lot of increase in the competition, head starts your business by having your hotel booking app. The app can be quickly developed by outsourcing to the best hotel booking app development company.

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