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From time to time I have to work with projects using Azure DevOps TFVC.
It is fairly common that I get a TF30063 error in the Team Explorer, saying I'm unauthorized and need to reenter my credentials. But unfortunately that doesn't help.

I just found a visual studio developer community post containing the solution.

  1. If Visual Studio is showing the Team Explorer tab/panel, select the Solution Explorer tab/panel.
  2. If Visual Studio had already been showing the Solution Explorer tab, select the Team Explorer tab and then select the Solution Explorer tab again.
  3. Make sure that the Solution Explorer tab is currently selected, and close this instance of Visual Studio (if I have other Visual Studio instances open that are connected to the on-premises TFS server, I leave those open).
  4. Re-open the same project (connected to Azure DevOps) in Visual Studio, and now everything seems to be fine.

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