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I've just started freelancing and my first client was a nightmare. Constantly changing things and I was putting in a lot of hours to play catch up missed the deadline, he wanted to take some money of for advertising costs which been keen I agreed 🤐
Then he started moving goal posts again then demanding a new deal where he could set financial penalties if I missed deadlines at which point I said no!
After explaining why I wouldn't do this aaaaaaand staying calm I got a over 60 messages in a couple of hours, loads of abuse and threats and wanting money back from what he paid me.

I made him a offer, he can take the site as is and the copyright for the code that doesn't fall under any licenses are his or its small claims court 😉

Needless to say he went through another 6 developers and I had to smile as he constantly came back to me with advice and I'm now putting the finishing touches on the same site, I'm not finishing for the money but more for a "yep I can do this job"

Sorry if it sounded like rambling I was out late and still half asleep.

One tip though, remember you own the copyrights to code you write that doesn't conflict/interact/fall under any licenses this can be a helpful tool when clients don't want to pay, no business wants copyright infringement court cases 💪 for this reason as well as a few others I don't think I will take on work for hire when in regards to who owns the code.


Also having working in the building trade since leaving school I've run into my fair share of d******ds especially moving to a country that was kind of third world, the British got used to paying the locals little money for a good bargain and expected us to do the same, most of our work was to do with swimming pools and water damage from cowboy builders not knowing what to do when they had a small building boom l, needless to say our reputation attracted the type of clients we wanted, when people are trying to live the dream in the end they see exactly what cheap will get you my point is one day your reputation will speak for its self never sell your self short take a look at your true worth and get it, admittedly we have to start small until we have proved our selves but then it's not looking back because in the end us and then can deny they need us not the other way round!


Good point! I know a few people who have had...shall we say some "online fun" with shame campaigns when the client didn't deliver their end of the deal. Thanks for the comment!

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