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Discussion on: What I learned in 6 months at an AI company

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Jonathan Wheat

Great article, thanks for sharing that.

I'm in a similar situation, I started 9 months ago and am now heavily embedded in the NLP / chatbot world. True story, I actually despise using chatbots but I'm fascinated with the technology and advances in NLP and find building them is quite enjoyable. I like solving puzzles, so when I try something with my bot and it doesn't work quite how it should, I really get into the research involved in fixing the deficiency. The big problem here is now I can spot holes in other commercial bots I use, and can tell right off what their approach is, so it makes them even more annoying and I want to fix them :)

Definitely going to check out the thinks you all are doing at Data Robot, it's always nice to meet other people in the industry and see how they approach things.